Calorie content and composition of dishes ‘Mu-mu’ – information for the keto diet

Mumu restaurant menu


you are following the nutritional guidelines of the keto diet , or on any other carbohydrate-free diet , then finding a carbohydrate-free meal during your lunch break is a big problem. Fortunately, in a café as common in Moscow as Mu-mu, you can find several dishes that fit easily into your diet.

Separately, I will make a reservation that you will have to give up side dishes and salads, and take only hot ones. Information on the composition of the products is taken from the official website. However, remember that the calculation of KBZHU may differ from the real one.

5. Dumplings with meat, fried

Ingredients: pork, pork fat, chicken fillet, chicken broth, premium flour, butter, spices, bay leaf, parsley, onion, sour cream, table egg. Serving size – 140 g, calorie content – 287 kcal.

The fact that fried dumplings made it to the rating is due to their popularity, because it is rather difficult to call them healthy – too much fat (16 g) and carbohydrates (31 g). Boiled dumplings are preferable – they have less oil.

4. Chicken tobacco

Ingredients: chicken, sweet paprika, sunflower oil, salt, ground black pepper, garlic, onion. A portioned dish, calorie content per 100 g – 535 kcal.

A controversial dish – on the one hand, it contains a lot of protein (43 g), on the other – there is also enough fat (34 g). Grilled chicken is very nutritious and try to keep it small.

3. Beef cutlet in tomato sauce

Ingredients: beef, beef neck, pork neck, cucumber, parsley, dill, onion, pork fat, carrots, spices, sunflower oil. Serving size – 100 g, calorie content – 389 kcal.

Contains a lot of protein – 33 g per serving, as well as not so many carbohydrates and fats (12 g each). The only danger in tomato sauce is that it contains a lot of starch and sugar.

2. Chicken pancakes

Ingredients: chicken legs, sunflower oil, herbs, garlic, spices, mayonnaise, onions, eggs, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots. Serving size – 110 g, calorie content – 350 kcal.

The most real protein pancakes – 34 g of protein, a minimum of fat (3 g) and carbohydrates (8 g). I prefer to use them as a side dish for a beef patty.

1. Steamed red fish steak

Ingredients: salmon steak , carrot, chicken broth, sunflower oil, onion, parsley, spices, lemon, dill, mustard. A portioned dish, calorie content per 100 g – 270.2 kcal.

By far the best choice is grilled salmon. Not the highest protein content (21 g), but the presence of the “right” fats makes a big plus for this dish.