How to bui12 yoga exercises for slimminld abs and make a flat stomach

12 yoga exercises for slimming legs

Lack of excess weight is not always an indicator of a beautiful and slender silhouette. Many women remain dissatisfied with their figure even when they do not have any problems with excess mass. This is due to subcutaneous fat stored in the buttocks and thighs. It not only spoils the silhouette, but also makes the skin saggy, leads to a loss of muscle tone. This does not add any attractiveness. Subcutaneous fat appears either due to the lack of exercise for this problem area in the training program, or when a woman leads a sedentary lifestyle.

You can get rid of this flaw even at home. The main thing is to choose the right program. Yoga has shown the greatest effectiveness in the fight against subcutaneous fat on the thighs and buttocks. It is not necessary to become a guru and comprehend all the practices. There are several asanas available for mastering and performing that every woman can do. Of course, they will work only if they are regular and dieting, since it is food that is the main source of fat that accumulates under the ski

The best yoga exercises for legs and buttocks


Includes twelve yoga asanas, which are aimed exclusively at working out problem areas. If you do such a complex daily, you can soon forget about the fat on the legs and the fifth point. The main thing is not to abandon practice and continue classes as a preventive measure. In addition, it has a positive effect on overall physical fitness and mental balance.

1. Utkatasana

Performing this asana actively connects the muscles of the legs to the work. The buttocks and thighs are subjected to the greatest stress. The pose imitates sitting on a chair, which in this case is absent, but only in the imagination. The lack of support forces the muscles to be used to maintain their own body weight. Its own weight begins to be directed to the tension of the muscle groups of the pelvis and hips. The asana improves tone, trains, strengthens the muscles of the legs.


They come to the starting position called Tadasana. Smoothly bend the knees, lower the pelvis. The movement should be similar to the fact that you are sitting in a chair or on a chair. Breathe in and stretch your arms up over your head. They hold the position for several seconds, monitoring the evenness of their breathing, and then straighten, return to the initial position.

Remember. You must always be careful about how the body responds to the performance of the asana. Beginners are advised to try to descend as low as possible and increase the depth gradually. When the pose starts to feel easy, you can start swaying to increase the muscle stretch.

2. Virabhadrasana II

The pose is aimed at working out the legs, but the greatest load falls on the inner thigh, which is an undeniable advantage. For beginners, this asana seems quite simple, but this is only a superficial impression. She perfectly works out those muscles that remain practically unused in everyday life. The advantage of this exercise is that it works in two different ways, and therefore the glutes are also involved.


Legs wider than hips. The right foot is turned outward, and the left foot is used to maintain balance. The center of the left foot should be in line with the right foot. The pelvis is lowered and the chest is expanded, straightening the arms to the side so that they form a straight line with the shoulders. They look ahead. They constantly monitor the correctness of their position. Breathe hard, but slowly, and then relax, repeat everything on the other side.

Remember. To achieve the best results, you need to work on the stretch, lowering the pelvis as low as possible. The pose must be collected and balanced.

3. Natarajasana


One of the most graceful asanas, stimulating and stretching the hip flexors. In the dancing king pose, both internal and external muscles are simultaneously worked out. The exercise is aimed at strengthening the lower part of the body, since it requires maintaining balance in a stand on one leg, muscle tension from the feet to the pelvis itself. This opens the hips, releases blocked energy, improves blood flow, oxygen and nutrients.


Become to Tadasana. The right leg is raised, brought back, guiding in such a way that the thigh is parallel to the floor surface. Bend the knee, grab the right foot with the right hand and stretch. When a stable position is taken, the left hand is extended forward. The palm can be done either Gyan Mudra, or held straight. They look at the fingers of the left hand, maintain the pose for several minutes, breathing deeply, repeat the asana on the other side.

4. Ushtrasana


Asana helps to open the chest and hip flexors. Performing a pose has a beneficial effect on the tone of the entire body, but to a greater extent it is directed specifically at the hips. The front of the latter is perfectly stretched and stimulated.


Take Vajrasana. Raise the hip and torso so that the thighs with the calves form a right angle. Open the chest and bend back. Hands extend and touch the palms of the feet. The head is slowly and smoothly tilted back. Hold the pose, breathing slowly and deeply, and then relax.

5. Upavistha Konasana


The advantage of the asana is that it loads and trains the upper legs, and also provides good stretching by using the inner thigh muscles, which are often the least paid attention to. In addition, this pose perfectly develops flexibility, endurance, strength.


They sit down in Dandasana. Legs are spread as wide as possible. If you cannot fully straighten your legs to the sides, this should be done gradually. Hands are extended between the legs, that is, in front. For people with good flexibility, you can bend the body and try to touch the floor with your head. When there is no such flexibility, they simply bend the elbows and relax the neck, while the head hangs freely. They take a few breaths and slowly return to the starting position, moving their legs.

6. Janu Shirshasana


It is an asana for the development of flexibility in the joints of the pelvis and hips. This yoga pose is excellent for stretching muscle tissue and stimulating blood circulation. Exercise improves the nutrition of the thigh muscle groups, which allows you to maintain this area in good tone and excellent shape. The asana is recommended for those who wish to strengthen the muscles of the legs, as well as increase the size of the buttocks.

Take Dandasana. The left knee is bent, placing the foot under the right thigh. The arms are pulled up, the body is bent and the arms are pulled towards the right foot. They breathe in air with the stomach and remain in this position, and then repeat all the actions, but on the other leg.

Important. This asana requires the head to touch the knee joint. It will be difficult for beginners to do this, but gradually, of course, it will be possible to achieve this. The main thing is to control the absence of back bend. It should be straight at all times.

7. Baddha Konasana

The exercise is aimed at opening the thigh muscles. His technique involves expanding the range of motion of the hip joints. Getting rid of subcutaneous fat in this area is ensured by raising the tone and stretching the muscle tissue.


A gymnastic mat is laid on the floor. Stretch and then bend the legs at the knee joint. The feet are brought together in the middle, connecting with the soles. The back should remain straight. To maintain the position, they grasp the feet with their palms, and then begin to press the knees with maximum effort to the floor surface. The asana is held for a few seconds, and then relaxed.

8. Malasana


Another exercise that has a quick effect on the tone of the muscle groups of the lower extremities, but to a greater extent on the hip. By improving blood flow and stretching muscle tissue, the asana tightens the buttocks. Doing this exercise regularly will strengthen, improve flexibility, and tighten your hips.

They squat, bringing their feet together, but not touching the booty of the floor surface. If the position is not entirely comfortable, it is allowed to rise on toes. The palms are brought together and rest their hands on the knees. Try to hold the asana for three breaths and then rel pose should be practiced on a regular basis. It not only improves the physical shape of the hips and buttocks, but also has a positive effect on the internal organs, bones and the nervous system. Balancing the entire body weight on the gluteal muscles leads to the fact that literally the entire body is involved. In addition, concentration, willpower is required, since you have to apply all your perseverance to achieve the goal. Like other asanas, it stretches the muscle groups of the lower extremities and has a positive effect on blood flow.


Take the position of Dandasana. Raise straightened legs above the floor surface and find a point of balance, and then lift your arms off the floor and stretch out in front of you. The main goal is for the legs and arms to form a Latin “V”. Breathe in and out deeply and then relax.

10. Salabhasana


Ideal exercise to “destroy” subcutaneous fat on problem areas such as the buttocks and thighs. It works great on other parts of the body as well. By strengthening the legs and stimulating blood circulation, the lower trunk becomes more flexible and strong.


Lie down with their stomachs on the mat. The legs are lifted from the hips. The arms are pulled back and the chest is raised. The chin is lifted up and directed forward. They hold the pose for several breaths, and then lower themselves onto the mat.

11. Setu Bandhasana


The asana aims to improve blood flow and stimulate muscle tissue. It awakens the internal reserves of energy reserves and increases muscle tone, has a beneficial effect on the whole body.


Lie on your back and bend your legs at the knees. The pelvis together with the back is smoothly raised up. The shoulders are straightened, the arms are extended, reaching the feet. Breathe evenly and deeply. The pose must be held for at least a few seconds, and then relaxed.

12. Ananda Balasana


This pose is considered one of the most effective for toning up and getting rid of subcutaneous fat on the hips and pelvis. It allows you to fully open the entire pelvic girdle, while simultaneously loading both the flexors and stimulating, as well as stretching the inner thigh. In addition, the muscles of the back are trained, which are often given quite little attention. The main advantage of the asana is that the posture can be adjusted to suit yourself so as to feel the maximum comfort.


Lie on your back. Bent legs at the knees are lifted up. Hands are extended and taken by the palms of the center of the foot from the inside. Legs, using hands, pull. The knees are kept bent, but may stretch during the exercise. You need to do this stretch for a few seconds, and then lower your arms and relax.

Maintaining good tone and flexibility of the legs is the key to slim and beautiful thighs and buttocks. Exercises and practices from yoga will be an excellent helper in this. Performing them regularly will allow you to forget about subcutaneous fat and loose skin on the inner and outer thighs, feel confident and attractive. These asanas have a beneficial effect not only on the legs, but also on the general well-being, so you should not neglect these exercises.