Lee Priest

Lee Priest ( « Lee Priest» ) was born July 6, 1972 in Newcastle, Australia. His full name is Andrew Lee Priest McCutchon. Lee grew up in a middle-class family. During his school days in Patsburg, he was fond of playing sports, among which was American football. I also attended karate classes. A little later, his grandfather, who was an army fighter, sent his grandson to the gym at the police station. Lee liked the initiative of his beloved grandpa, and he began to regularly visit the gym and work with weights. He was only 13 years old at the time.

Anthropometry by Lee Priest

Height:     163 cm
Competitive weight:     97 kg
Off-season weight:     118 kg
Bicep circumference:     55 cm

Performance history

Lee Priest was small in stature, but had excellent genetics, which allowed him to gain muscle mass even at such an early age. Already at the age of 14, he entered the podium of the junior competitions and won them, despite the fact that among the competitors there were guys 3-4 years older than him.

Lee Priest workouts

Young Li read sports literature, especially Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines. He adored Arnold , he liked Tom Platz and Eddie Robinson . Lee himself has always been an extraordinary person, capable of surprising with his shocking deeds. Evidence of this is that he dyed his hair white to look like Tom Platz. The athlete also adored superman comics, which he imitated, even as an adult.

His mother was engaged in bodybuilding too, and when the guy was 15 years old, she invited him to perform on stage together. They did it and they were the first. In such a pair, they performed more than once.

The first major bodybuilding competition was the Sydney Bodybuilding Classic , which took place in 1986 . In this tournament, he won and learned his professional card according to the IFBB. The victories that brought him popularity were ” Mr. Australia ” from 1989 to 1991 (3 years in a row).

Lee Priest has had many ups and downs in the professional scene. He repeatedly performs at the main bodybuilding tournament “Mr. Olympia”, but the result does not rise above the 6th. The athlete himself believes that his short stature is to blame. Lee leaves bodybuilding quite early, not that he is disappointed in him, but simply because he realizes that this is not his way of life. At this time, he was already actively interested in motor sports and set several speed records. Lee was gradually poached by the race. The last event in Lee’s career was at the 2006 Australian Grand Prix, where the champion finished second.

For a while, Lee Preece was married to professional bodybuilder Katie Lee Francos. It seemed they were made for each other. They were comfortable and trained constantly together. But for unknown reasons, the couple broke up.

There were scandals and quarrels with the IFBB federation in the athlete’s career. He tried to compete in another federation, but this did not lead to anything good. Not so long ago, the champion surprised everyone by getting a huge tattoo all over his body, including his face. But we have already talked about the originality of this athlete. Nevertheless, in ordinary life, he is an excellent kind-hearted person who actively participates in charity and twice a year sends large sums of money to distribute meals for homeless people.

Workout biceps and triceps from Lee Priest

Lee stands out with his huge hands, he is also called the triceps monster. To understand how he achieved such results, take a look at his hand training:

Training biceps and triceps from Lee Priest)