How to build abs and make a flat stomach

How to do push-ups correctly?


The press is also a muscle, and you need to swing it in the same way as all other muscles – a maximum of twenty repetitions in four approaches. Of course, in this case, you will have to perform an exercise with additional weights, otherwise the body will quickly adapt.

Remember that it is better to do 20 repetitions of crunches on blocks with an additional weight of 40-50 kilograms than a thousand crunches without weight. In addition, the abs need time to recover, and there is no point in training it on a daily basis.

“Vacuum in the stomach” – the secret of perfect abs

In addition to exercising on abdominal mass, workouts are important, affecting the internal support muscles, which give the abdomen a flat shape. One of the best such exercises is the ” vacuum in the abdomen” .

Exercise technique: while standing straight, pull your stomach in as much as possible, imagining that the navel touches the spine; hold your breath, freeze for a few seconds, exhale. Gradually increase the time. Repeat 15 times daily.

Lower Abs – Home Workout

Both special exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles (“lumberjack”, hanging leg raises) and home workouts, when you learn to feel these lower abdominal muscles, will help to make a beautiful abs with a pronounced V-shape .

How do you feel these muscles? Standing in front of the mirror, strain the lower part of the press, trying to “squeeze out” the lower abdomen. Repeat over and over until it takes no effort at all. Then do the same while lying down.

The secret of cubes and a flat belly

The secret of the cubes on the stomach is genetics and overall thinness. Abs is only visible when the body fat is less than 7%. Even if the press is not pumped, all the same, at 7-8% a flat, beautiful and relief belly is guaranteed. It is with such numbers that you need to start pumping the press .

But if the level of fat is above 12%, then it does not matter which press, because no one simply sees it under the layer of subcutaneous fat. Two-thirds of abs work is diet, and only one-third is weight training.

How to measure subcutaneous fat?

There are two ways to measure subcutaneous fat. The first is a caliper , a simple plastic clamp like a caliper. You measure the thickness of the fat fold, and then look at the percentage of fat on the tables.

The second method is an electronic fat analyzer (fatometer), which passes a weak current through the body and determines the percentage of fat by the level of resistance. It is used as a separate device, like a scale with a fat determination function.