Napalm from Muscle Warfare 

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Napalm is a pre – workout formula developed by Muscle Warfare. Distributed in Russia, USA, Europe and Australia. The new NAPALM formula was unveiled at the 2012 Mister Olympia in Las Vegas.

According to experts, this product does not have any distinctive advantages.

Manufacturer description

Napalm is a unique formula of uniquely balanced ingredients that work synergistically at the extracellular level to release energy, which in turn increases your productivity and leads to incredible results.

Product benefits

* Incomparable intensity and endurance

  • Powerful pumping and increased vascularity
  • Good mood and energy boost
  • Fat Burning Action by Increasing Workout Intensity
  • Increasing mental concentration during training by saturating the blood with oxygen
  • Increase of anabolic processes and acceleration of metabolism
  • Long-lasting action

You will soon also love the smell of Napalm in the morning! This is an extremely tough formula and just one spoonful will give you such strength that you can hardly control it. Stir it, drink it and get ready for War … Designed with numerous cutting edge technologies, it is aimed only at victory!

In fact, we can guarantee that you’ve never tried a pre-workout formula with so much unlimited strength! It will keep you on top of every workout and enjoy the muscle building, powerful anabolic effects and hormonal boosts of your workout.

Patent pending, this 100% product will take you to a whole new level! There’s no creatine, fillers, leavening agents, or other bullshit in the new formula. Simply the strongest pre-workout formula ever created for workouts!

Napalm is a super-technological advancement in pre-workout sports nutrition that will give you the most explosive, powerful workouts you’ve ever experienced! The combination of powerful muscle pumping, endurance, and anabolic potential makes Napalm the most advanced pre-workout supplement ever developed. Once you experience it, you will feel the difference.

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How Napalm Works

After taking Napalm, energy almost immediately covers you and your body temperature rises noticeably. This extra warmth promotes the release of “heat shock proteins” during your workout using the patent pending thermobolic method of releasing heat shock proteins via Myobolic-SERMS / 1 & 2 (estrogen sequestration receptor modulator). No other product uses this approach to release anabolic heat shock proteins by raising core body temperature and using powerful xeno-chormethines. In addition, you get the additional dual effect of hardening the functional muscles of your two heat shock protein activators through the potent activity of SERMS (estrogen selection receptor modulator). Muscle pumps fill with astounding, not containing creatine, means of plasma burn muscular congestion. No bloating or water retention. Only pure strength and dry solid size. Anabolism is enhanced by your super-intense workout, doubled by our powerful mTOR pathways that induce a vasoanabolic BCAA blend.

Incredible training intensity

Just one serving of NAPALM and you will find out what real power is! The energy bundle caffeine, L- taurine , L- tyrosine will leave no chance of lethargy in training!

Powerful pumping

L- citrulline and L- arginine increase the production of nitric oxide and improve blood circulation to ensure maximum oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscle tissue. This will improve your results and speed up your recovery. Already after the first working approach, you will feel crazy pumping and endurance, which will inspire you to even more serious work!

Build muscle tissue and burn fat

The ratio of essential amino acids 2: 1: 1 ( leucine , isoleucine, valine) reduces the risk of destruction of muscle cells, stimulates the development of muscle mass, and also helps to burn excess fat. Betaine Hydrochloride helps build lean muscle mass, protects against muscle breakdown, prevents fat deposition, and also improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Maximum concentration and excellent mood

The amino acids L- phenylalanine and N-Methyl-tyramine work in pairs to increase dopamine levels . Dopamine is known to improve mood and tone the body. Just one scoop of NAPALM and you are focused only on the result!

Recommendations for use

Dissolve one scoop of NAPALM in 200 ml of water and drink 30 minutes before training. If your own weight is more than 90 kg, dilute 2 scoops of NAPALM for maximum effe