Program for effective muscle gain

Program for effective muscle gain


Numerous visits to bodybuilding sites convince me that one of the most pressing topics and the subject of active discussions on them is the issues of rapid mass gain and muscle growth , which excite not only beginners, but also quite venerable athletes. Although this is not surprising – it is worth looking at yourself from the outside in those days when our main tasks were exclusively building huge muscles, gaining maximum mass, giving volume to the biceps, expressiveness of the chest or the width of the back.

Reading the articles on mass recruitment found on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that there is catastrophically little really high-quality information on this topic on the network, one might even say that it does not exist at all, well, maybe, with the exception of only some very common truths, and even then, unfortunately, not all. Having stumbled on the network more than once on similar questions about the same beginners in bodybuilding, I decided to write a series of articles in which I planned to include detailed materials on the training program, nutrition, sports supplements. Today we will talk just about a training program aimed at effectively gaining muscle mass.

Let’s touch on the fundamental truths, without which high-quality muscle building is impossible:


  • It is imperative to warm up before the main workout, which includes heavy weight gain. The athlete must warm up well so that his joints and ligaments have time to warm up, and for this I would recommend using a treadmill for the athlete , running at an average pace for ten minutes will prepare the body for subsequent heavy exercises. Then you need a stretch aimed specifically at those areas of the body that you have the most “problem”, for example, elbows or shoulders – it is they that must first of all be gently and thoroughly kneaded.
  • Before each main work set, you need to do one or two warm-up sets , using a light weight, which should be about 40-50 percent of the worker’s weight. Warm-up sets allow the athlete to experience this exercise as well.
  • Do not work out in the gym for too long – intensive work for an hour is quite enough. And remember this simple truth: in a workout, the main thing is not its duration, but only the intensity.
  • The end of the workout should be a small hitch to stretch your muscles and joints . Swimming in the pool is a good option.
  • During weight training, you should not be distracted by extraneous matters . The observed pictures of what often happens in the gym act depressingly: someone is enthusiastically talking on the phone, someone is busy with a new toy in their iPhone , someone is talking to a neighbor, and the like. That is, people who train do not understand why they came here and lose the time allotted specifically for training in the gym, and then they receive, as a natural result of this, the absence of any, even small, progress in bodybuilding. Make it a rule: since you come to the gym to train and your goal is to gain mass, then train without being distracted by extraneous matters and in general absolutely no matter what.
  • The key to achieving success is to work in a work approach right down to the very last repetition, doing that too. It is the last one or two repetitions, done after overcoming muscle pain , that become the most effective in the training process and it is thanks to them that effective muscle growth occurs.
  • It is necessary to adhere to good nutrition , on which the achievement of success in bodybuilding depends half. I can subscribe to my every word and responsibly declare that without high-quality nutrition, gaining mass is impossible and you will never be able to build decent muscles. This will be the subject of my next article – it will be convenient for you to follow the news using the mailings of this blog.
  • Getting enough rest before the next workout is also important . Do not be surprised and do not be alarmed now – the purpose of bodybuilding training is precisely to injure muscle fibers, however, in the safe sense of the word – during heavy loads, our muscle tissue receives micro-injuries, which the body then seeks to heal and due to this tissue proliferation is carried out. So, for this restoration of muscle fiber, the body takes several days and therefore daily training is absolutely contraindicated for the average bodybuilder.


In this list, I have listed the rules that should be followed during workouts aimed at gaining mass. And now you can go directly to the training program itself.

You will have to do it three times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – it’s as convenient for anyone, and here the main condition is a mandatory break between workouts at least one day.

As a rule, athletes distinguish the chest, legs, shoulders, triceps and biceps in separate muscle groups and, accordingly, each of our workouts will be focused on pumping a specific muscle group



The exercises in this workout are aimed at pumping the pectoral muscles and triceps. First, five approaches are performed, the purpose of which is the press. For this, any exercises are taken to work out the abdominal muscles. Pumping the pectoral muscles in any case is associated with the development of the triceps (triceps muscle). Fully work out triceps by bench press and incline bench press.

  • We perform a barbell press on a bench lying in a horizontal position . After two warm-ups, four working sets of 8-12 repetitions follow. This exercise most effectively works the pectoral muscles, increasing their volume and mass.
  • Setting dumbbells in a prone position on a horizontal bench. After one warm-up, four working approaches of 8-12 repetitions follow. This exercise allows, in addition to gaining muscle mass, to give the muscles a beautiful relief and good athletic shape.
  • Triceps workout with a narrow grip barbell bench press. After the first warm-up, four working sets of 8-12 repetitions are performed. Do not forget about your partner when doing bench presses! Exercise is effective for working out the triceps and the inner pectoral muscles.
  • Press in a prone position on an incline bench in four sets of 8-12 repetitions, but only after the mandatory warming up of the muscles of the shoulder joint to reduce the risk of shoulder injury. This exercise works great for the muscles of the upper chest.
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars in four sets with the maximum number of repetitions possible in each set. This exercise is excellent training not only for the triceps, but for the entire shoulder girdle.

What was done: the exercises allowed us, first of all, to pump the pectoral muscles through a heavy load – bench press, and thus we started the mechanism of their growth, and also worked on their shape. All triceps bundles are fully worked out to stimulate its effective growth. After such a training, you need a hitch and the best option here is a pool – swim to your health for 10-20 minutes.

Wednesday: working out the back and bicepsThis workout focuses on the muscles in the back, which should become wider and more powerful as a result, as well as pumping up our beloved biceps. Do not forget about the obligatory warm-up warm-up before training and five sets of abs.

  • Wide grip pull-ups – perform five sets for the maximum number of times. If the pull-up does not work out, then you can use a pull-up simulator, or a block trainer with a pull of the handle to the chest. But my advice is this: since there is no better basic exercise for the back muscles than pull-ups, try not to use simulators, but pull up in the classic way – on the bar and believe that it works much more efficiently.
  • Raise the barbell on the biceps muscle while standing , doing four sets of 8-12 times after two warm-ups. This is the most effective biceps exercise.
  • After two warm-ups, the deadlift is perfrmed in three sets of 8-12 times. Deadlift is a basic and highly effective exercise for both the back muscles and the whole body – during its execution, a large amount of anabolic hormones are produced that stimulate muscle growth. A prerequisite is a thorough warm-up of the back before the deadlift, especially the lumbar spine, in order to avoid injury during the exercise.
  • We lift the dumbbells alternately in four approaches, sitting, for 8-12 repetitions. This exercise perfectly forms the biceps, emphasizing its relief and increasing its height.
  • We do alternate rows of dumbbells to the belt with slopes against the bench . After one warm-up, perform four sets of 8-12 repetitions. The exercise effectively draws the muscles of the back, giving them a beautiful shape.

What was done: Thanks to pull-ups and deadlifts, the mechanism of muscle growth was launched, all the muscles of the back were worked out to the maximum, which will make it now grow. Biceps are pumped through the most effective exercises. Now it’s time to cool down and stretch

Friday: work on shoulders and legs

The emphasis of the exercise in this workout is the squat with a barbell on the shoulders, done on the entire surface of the leg muscles. We will also pump the shoulder girdle.

  • Sitting, we lift dumbbells overhead in four working sets of 8-12 repetitions after completing two warm-ups. Before training, it is necessary to thoroughly stretch the shoulder joints, given that the shoulder is the most vulnerable place in the bodybuilder’s body in terms of injury.
  • After three warm-up sets, we perform four working sets of 8-12 repetitions of squats with a barbell on the shoulders . The squat is an exercise from a heavy arsenal and there is nothing heavier than it. And here, like nowhere else, the athlete must be as concentrated as possible and have the perfect technique. Particularly careful kneading of the knee joints, ankle and lumbar spine is required before performing this exercise. Having completed all four approaches and giving all the best at the same time, the athlete feels real pumping. After doing just one squat in a leg workout, I usually have no energy left for anything else.
  • Sitting, we lift the barbell behind the head in four working sets of 8-12 repetitions after three warm-ups. There is also a high risk of injury to the shoulder joint when doing this exercise. It is necessary to perform lifting of the barbell behind the head, concentrating as much as possible, without jerking and always in the presence of a coach or someone who can put the barbell on a rack after completing the exercise.
What has been done

In the training, the leg muscles were worked out and a good impetus was given to their growth. The shoulder muscles also worked. Now let’s move on to the hitch and stretch.

So, here I have brought the entire weekly training cycle working on muscle mass gain. An athlete can devote at most two or three months to him, and then must necessarily radically change. This is done so that the body does not have time to get used to and adapt to monotonous loads. In my next articles, I will talk about proper nutrition for effective mass gain and give an overview of the types of sports nutrition that are acceptable for an athlete to promote muscle gain.