Lauren Fisher is a crossfit athlete with an amazing history

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Lauren Fisher is a brilliant athlete who is not only a five-time CrossFit Games competitor, but also maintains her lead in every competition. And this despite the fact that Lauren is only 24 years old this year.

Lauren Fisher (@ laurenfisher ) established herself as one of the most promising female athletes in the world back in 2014, finishing 9th overall at the Reebok CrossFit Games and winning the US World Weightlifting Championship (63 kg) in the same year. In 2013 and 2015, she competed as part of the SoCal-based Invictus team, and won gold in the California region in 2016.

After her high school basketball team won the California state championship qualifiers, then 18-year-old Fischer suddenly changed the sport and switched to CrossFit, which she already used in her training program. Lauren’s talent for lifting large weights quickly led to her becoming one of the most competitive athletes in the world. The promising athlete won the California Regional competition last year and finished 25th in the Games.

short biography

Lauren Fischer has the most amazing career history of any crossfit athlete today. The thing is, she entered the crossfit industry right after leaving school.

The athlete was born in 1994. Her childhood was relatively cloudless. During her studies in high school, Lauren was easily accepted into two sports school teams at once – basketball and tennis.

First acquaintance with CrossFit

It so happened that the school basketball coach turned out to be an experimenter. Instead of classic general fitness, which included an hour of warm-up and a classic circuit training, he decided to race the women’s basketball team based on the principles of workout gymnastics, taken from the CrossFit WODs .

Lauren Fisher was one of the few who was able to withstand such a load at the age of 13. This gave her a serious advantage during any team competition. Nevertheless, a year later, the coach was fired due to the fact that the girl’s basketball team was almost completely out of action during the execution of one of the Wods due to severe overtraining.

This incident left an indelible mark on Lauren’s memory. After that, although she continued to study in the school basketball and tennis teams, she nevertheless reduced the intensity of training. At the same time, the young athlete did not stop training according to the same principles of CrossFit as before.

With the new coach, the team, although less injured during training, did not show stunning results, right up to the graduation class. It was when, thanks

Moving to professional crossfit

Lauren did not stop at what she had achieved in her school years. Instead of going to a serious economics university, she chose college and accounting courses. In her free time in college, the girl devoted herself entirely to CrossFit.

Thanks to this, at the age of 19, the girl successfully started as a professional athlete, immediately taking very tangible positions in the crossfit world. Small prize funds for getting into the top 10 athletes in the region gave her the necessary financial support, which allowed her to concentrate entirely on sports achievements. So, after two years of performances in the professional crossfit arena, she was able to reach the ninth line at the CrossFit Games. And that’s just 21 years old.


Sports perspective

Throughout her sports career in CrossFit, Fischer took part in more than 20 tournaments, and in almost every one of them, with the exception of the Games themselves, she won prizes. In addition, in 2015, she took part in the team competition under the Rogue red label. Then the girl was able to bring her team decisive victory points.

Despite the absence of serious sports awards and the relatively low performance of workout complexes, the girl is considered a very promising crossfit athlete. It should not be forgotten that at the moment she is only 24 years old. Consequently, she still has a huge margin, both in time and in physical capabilities, which gives her a head start over other athletes.

So it should not be ruled out that in the 2018 or 2019 Crossfit Games season, we will again see Fischer in the top 5 athletes in the tournament, or even at the top of the winning podium.

Crossfit athlete Lauren Fisher

Secrets of Lauren’s beautiful figure

Lauren Fisher’s appearance deserves special attention. Why? Everything is very simple. Despite her high achievements, she manages to maintain a very feminine figure and a very thin waist, which is extremely rare for athletes of such a high level as her. And, at the same time, in her own words, she absolutely does not monitor the weight, but simply applies a few tricks that allow her to remain very thin and, at the same time, very strong.

These are the tricks:

  1. The first rule is to work in a weightlifting belt all the time. Lauren makes exceptions only a month before the competition in order to hone her technique, add confidence and make sure that she does not goof her way at the competition itself.
  2. The second rule is to work out the press in classical systems. Using fitness and aerobics as auxiliary disciplines after WOD, she does not allow the lateral abdominal muscles to hypertrophy and overcome that dangerous line after which it is almost impossible to return a beautiful waist. In particular, the girl does a lot of abdominal exercises without weight. This is what allows her to maintain a very thin waist.
  3. And, of course, her biggest secret is that in the offseason, right after the end of the Crossfit Games, she arranges for herself a tough 6 weeks dry. Nothing supernatural – the athlete simply cuts back on calories and adds more protein to her diet.

Taken together, all these important points may slow down her sports progress somewhat, but they do not deprive the girl of the most important quality – seductive femininity.

Beauty Lauren Fisher

Athlete achievements

One of the main achievements of Lauren Fisher can be called the fact that at her young age she is already a five-time participant in the CrossFit Games and is not going to stop there. At the same time, she is still in the junior division in terms of age categories, and, therefore, she has both a margin of safety and an age margin that will allow her in the next season to become the most prepared woman on the planet according to the Reebok federation.