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The complex of sports nutrition for boxers has its own specifics, and many of the principles that are relevant in bodybuilding are unacceptable in this sport. All boxers, without exception, strive for a minimum body fat content, just like bodybuilders, but the tactical approaches are completely different, if not diametrically opposed. Bodybuilders can gain muscle mass for a long time, allowing some fat gain, after which a fat-burning cycle is performed. Boxers need to take special supplements that will provide only an increase in lean muscle mass, or maintain body composition unchanged, while increasing endurance , strength and speed of impact, as well as mental concentrationwhich are of key importance in this sport.

Unfortunately, not all athletes are destined to become like Muhammad Ali, since natural data decide a lot. Nevertheless, science has advanced quite far and modern sports nutrition can provide you with significant benefits. In this article, we will try to highlight the most necessary and most effective sports nutrition for boxers, which will allow you to achieve the best results.

So, the market currently offers a wide variety of supplements, and in this article we will try to describe the most optimal and suitable options, listed in order of importance, which are natural, safe for health and have maximum effectiveness.

The supplements listed below are ideal not only for boxers, but also for people involved in other martial arts: karate fighters, judokas, sambists, etc.

1. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Many people have a question, what are the advantages of amino acids over protein , if the latter is the source of the former? First, amino acids are absorbed instantly, which is very important at certain points, especially before and immediately after training. Secondly, different amino acids have different values ​​in a given sport. The most valuable amino acids are:

Citrulline is a powerful muscle restorer that prevents overtraining .
Glutamine – not only rebuilds muscles, but also provides additional energy during combat.
BCAAs are the most important amino acids that suppress catabolic processes and restore muscle.
Taurine – Moderately stimulates the central nervous system.

Amino acids are taken immediately before and immediately after training, 1 serving each. All amino acids can be mixed.

2. A reducing complex is a multicomponent additive that combines several reducing agents at once.

Best Choice : Scivation Xtend – Combines BCAAs, Citrulline and Glutamine in optimal doses and replaces the previous item.

Take 1 serving before and 1 serving immediately after training.

3. Adaptogens – widely used in sports, they represent significant benefits in boxing. Adaptogens are safe plant extracts that naturally tone the body, increase endurance and improve mental focus.

Best choice : Eleutherococcus , ginseng , rhodiola , lemongrass . Accepted according to the instructions. For a more pronounced effect, you can take 2 adaptogens at the same time.

4. Stimulants can be very helpful for boxers. Stimulants increase the strength, speed and accuracy of a blow, speed up reaction times, reduce fatigue and increase endurance. Stimulants help burn fat, thereby making muscle mass leaner, allowing you to move to a lighter weight class without losing strength.

Top Choice: MHP Dren is a unique supplement that is offered as a fat burner ideal for boxers for their athletic goals. Dren contains phenethylamines and other stimulants that combine to give excellent results. Dren is one of the most powerful supplements in terms of stimulation at the moment, while the fat burning effect is moderate. Last but not least, the additive is not banned by the doping committee.

Take 1 serving 30-40 minutes before the fight.

5. Vitamin and mineral complex . Increased physical activity dictates the need for additional intake of vitamins and minerals . While minerals are actively excreted in sweat, the consumption of vitamins is increased as a result of increased metabolic rate. It must be remembered that the first signs of a lack of vitamins and minerals may be a deterioration in sports form, not to mention other negative consequences. Vitamins and minerals are involved in almost all metabolic processes, so their deficiency can cause almost any disorder in the body.

Top picks : Animal Pak by Universal nutrition, Opti-men by Optimum Nutrtion, or Activate by MHP .

Take as directed.

6. Complete protein is one of the most important supplements for boxers. During each workout, the muscles are exposed to high loads, aerobic activity causes a rapid rise in catabolic processes. Complete protein is a complete source of amino acids that provide long-lasting muscle recovery, nourishment and suppression of destructive catabolic reactions in the body. It is recommended to use a complex protein, which consists of different types of protein with different absorption rates. Track your calorie intake, fat percentage, and lean body mass . If you do not set yourself the goal of moving to a heavier weight category, then you can limit yourself to amino acids.

The best choice : Syntha-6 by BSN , Probolic from SR-MHP , Matrix from Syntrax

Take 1 serving of protein 1 hour before training (fight) and 0.5 – 1 hour after training (fight).

7. Antioxidants are the final link in this complex of supplements. During the fight, a large number of radicals are produced in the muscles, which damage muscle cells, cause tissue inflammation and worsen the general condition of the body. Antioxidants neutralize harmful radicals, thereby leaving muscles in a healthy functional state.

NOT recommended food

  • It is not recommended for boxers to take sports nutrition such as creatine – it causes water to accumulate in the muscles (any form, don’t believe the advertisements), thereby slowing down the speed of the punch. Creatine does not increase stamina. There is an exception: if you want to increase muscle mass, then taking creatine is acceptable. During the course, you will increase strength and muscle mass. After the course, excess water will leave the muscles, and the positive results will remain.
  • Pre-workout complex – most often contain creatine.
  • Gainers – These are high in carbohydrates and can lead to fat build-up. The exception is the time before the fight. It is necessary to load up with slow carbohydrates (about 100 g) 2 hours before the fight in order to provide the body with a source of energy. A gainer can be used as a source of carbohydrates.
  • Protein Bars – High in fat and carbohydrates.

Steroids for Boxers 

Anabolic steroids are the radical solution to improve athletic performance . The most suitable steroids for boxers – Anavar and Winstrol , because they do not cause significant weight gain, while significantly increasing endurance and strength actively to burn fat. Anabolic complexes and testosterone boosters are a safer solution .